Reverse Mortgages

May be an excellent solution for seniors 60+ who don't want a house payment, need more monthly income or, want a non-cancellable line of credit.


For those people that think the only way they can retire in the manner they desire is to find an inexpensive retirement location in another country, call LamCap first about a Reverse Mortgage. Have questions...use the form below to send them to us! 


These materials are not from HUD or FHA and were not approved by HUD or a government agency. If the non-borrower is unwilling or unable to purchase the property or pay the loan in full, there is no protection for the non-borrower (including a non-borrower spouse) to maintain an interest in the home or to continue residing in the home past the maturity event and, the non-borrower may be evicted upon foreclosure. A reverse mortgage loan becomes due and must be repaid when a “maturity event” occurs, such as the last surviving borrower (or non-borrowing spouse meeting certain conditions) passes away, the home is no longer the borrower’s principal residence, or the borrower vacates the property for more than 12 months for a medical reason or 6 months for non-medical reasons (see CFPB guidance).The loan will also become due if the homeowner fails to meet other loan obligations, which include paying their property taxes, insurance, homeowners association fees, and maintaining the property.

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